Conversations, excerpts, and edits — The Dead Enjoy Eating, Too — 01: On the Cusp

Conversations, excerpts, and edits — The Dead Enjoy Eating, Too — 01: On the Cusp

About a week or two after the ringing in of the year 2021,  I was walking in Motomachi on my way to the Minatomirai Subway Station when I bumped into George and another old friend Ted.  I meet George regularly, but I hadn’t met Ted for nearly two years. Ted and I engaged in the usual ‘what have you been up to’ conversation.

“I’m writing a novel,” I announced.

Ted laughed. “Been writing that novel a long time. Are you ever going to finish it?”

“I’m on the cusp of completing the final chapters.”

“Better hurry. You’re running out of years.”

True. This novel has been in my head for years. I’ve written draft after draft in between ghostwriting assignments and report writing for a think tank organization. Both money-making activities paid for tuition bills for my children and the expenses incurred by two divorces. And, I might add, paid me enough for me to take time off to write yet another chapter.

But I discovered that writing a novel required greater imagination. As a ghostwriter, the client provided the information. All I had to do was put the client’s words into paragraph form and voila! Report writing proved a bit more challenging. The data had to be analyzed and discussed before one word was written. And of course, writing a report often was a group effort. With the novel, I was alone. A solitary figure sitting in front of the typewriter, and later as I began aging, the computer monitor.

I kept plowing through the chapters, painstakingly at times because I was confronting my past to draw from it the scenes most painful to me. With each chapter I composed, a bit of the pain I experienced in my younger years dissipated. The most difficult challenge was writing the chapter on Felix Gunther. But more about Felix later.

Today, I completed the penultimate chapter. One more chapter left before I can go over the earlier pages.

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One Reply to “Conversations, excerpts, and edits — The Dead Enjoy Eating, Too — 01: On the Cusp”

  1. You might have forgotten, Kermit, to add that a lot of your creative time (between your costly divorces) was stolen by your fellow novelists. Without your generous but time consuming feedbacks, many of us would have never published our books and finished our screenplays. Thank you, Kermit, for nurturing our on/offline imagination. You are still living under several names in one of my novels, and I guess in many other novels and screenplays as well.
    Cheers. Marek (aka Joseph Polack)
    PS Reading your witty little essays helps me to forget about that deadly beast Covid and keep my fantasies alive…

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