A Voice Crying in the Desert

A Voice Crying in the Desert

My brother Fred has a knack for painting scenes that awaken deeply buried, perhaps nearly abandoned emotions. In my creative work, I find inspiration from his work when I edit my photos.

A Fred Carvell painting

Notice that the blending of reds, oranges, greens, magentas when combined produce an evocative mood. The colors of the mountains and field clash with our sense of reality. They jar us from our accepted view of the world around us. Not everything is what it seems.

What Fred creates with brushes, I rely on photo editing techniques. The coloration in the following photos was inspired by the coloration in more than a few of Fred’s paintings.

Antique Restaurant in Pacific Grove
Buddha in Candle Light
Music in Orange.
A Woman’s Best Friend

Like Fred, I do not always rely on reds and oranges.

Napping on a sunny morning..
A Rebuilt Shopping Mall in Ofunato after the Tsunami
Hothouses nurturing mushrooms
Children among the fountains
Vines struggling upward to the sky
Fish bursting through the wires














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