Yokohama Seaside Views

Yokohama Seaside Views

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The Entrance into the Port

I have lived in Yokohama for over 50 years. I am in my eighties, and in a short time, I shall die in a country whose language I never mastered. (excerpt from The Dead Enjoy Eating, Too (2023))

In the early 1960s, I dreamed of moving to Europe to follow in the footsteps of the writers of the 1920s. But bad decisions and the U.S. Navy landed me in Yokohama. I love the sights of the bay as I walk along the shoreline. Viewing the port from aboard a boat offers me a different perspective of the city.

Setting sail from Minato Mirai 21
View from Under the Bridge
Bridge in the Distance
Lonely Windmill
Taking in the sights in Yamashita Park (photo by Rambling Steve Gardner)

The park releases the mind from the four walls of my apartment. I come here whenever they close in on me.

Boat in Permanent Harbor
Boat heading into the sunset

Sometimes I feel like boarding a boat and sailing away to a different life. I arrived in Japan for a different life only to end up with the same old one I had before.

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A Girl with Red Shoes

The woman in the background cannot escape the pattern of the life she designed for herself.

Illustration of the trading houses in the 19th century near the bay.

In the days before the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, the bay came right up to the shoreline. Debris from the earthquake was used as landfill to push the bay farther from the shore. The landfill served as the foundation for Yamashita Park.

Before the Days of Taxis

This cracked painting once was affixed to a signboard on Yamashita Park Doori. Like the older residences, the sign has disappeared. The scene depicts a melancholy moment in time. I sometimes stood and stared into it. Momentarily, I felt myself drawn into picture and walking along the street. The picture is gone now. Too bad.



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