Views of People Viewing Flowers

Views of People Viewing Flowers

A breeze blew through the trees cooling the strollers along the Yamashita Park promenade. I arrived well before noon. I was happy to see people enjoying themselves in groups and walking in a carefree manner. Though the government announced the end of COVID emergency measures, some people still wore masks. Habit forming, perhaps?


Park Promenade before Noon

Not many people came to see the ship or to gaze wistfully at the bridge. But I can never resist pausing for a brief moment to recall the old days before the bridge was constructed. Except for me, hardly anyone was viewing the horizon.

Hikawa Maru and Yokohama Bay Bridge

They were more interested in the Flower Necklace. And camera men and women were out in force.

Capturing the Beauty

I watched a young woman taking several shots of herself in different poses with the roses. Then she checked to make sure she was in the frame. She was quite satisfied. With the roses or with her poses?

Making sure

Even the pet dogs admired the flowers from the comfort of their transport. I wished had brought along a parasol.

The sweet smell of Plants

A number of artists braved the noonday sun to sketch scenes of flowers swaying in the breeze.

A Photo to send to Grandchildren

The flowers were captivating, but I found the people viewing the flowers equally fascinating.

I could have taken hundreds more photos, but I was getting hungry. I walked to a restaurant in Motomachi and ordered a Pull Pork sandwich.

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  1. Loved your flower pics, Kermit. I was enjoying your colorful photos just a day after my day turned gray and my covid-caused fever passed 38.6°C. Oddly, for my feverish mind, your flowers have turned even more beautiful. Cheers. Marek

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