Three Faces of Masks

Three Faces of Masks

March 13, 2023

The Japanese government announced the end of the requirement for wearing masks. The woman reclining on the pedestal was keen. She tossed her mask away as soon as she read the news. One problem, however. She tossed away her clothes as well. Perhaps she read too much into the government announcement.

Who needs masks, or clothes?

This mother can’t make up her mind. Should she wear the mask, or should she go barefaced? She compromised by positioning the mask under her chin. Her little boy was unconcerned about his mother’s raging internal conflict. His mind was focused on his all-consuming desire for another drink. When I asked him if he would follow the government’s guidelines, he snarled: “Mask? I don’t need no stinking mask!”

Mother at Half Mask

The man sprawled out on the bench, overwhelmed by the shock of the government’s announcement. “No masks required? That can’t be. No, no!”  Exposing his nose and mouth to microscopic viruses terrified him.  But he took a deep breath and lowered the mask as far as his chin. Exhausted by the psychological trauma, he slumped down on the park bench and fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed of a land where people laughed, played and wore masks.

Man at rest with his mask

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