Life Update in the Year of 2022

Life Update in the Year of 2022

Sunset in the year 2021

The year 2021 passed by quickly, too quickly for me. Already we are into the month of February of my 80th year of life on this earth. And yet I look forward to the coming months and years. I completed the writing of The Dead Enjoy Eating, Too at the end of last year. In January I went through a series of hoops to get it edited and ready for publication on Amazon. Check out the Amazon websites in your area.

Representing five years of my life

Now all I have to worry about is the marketing of the product. So like a farmer transporting potatoes to a farmer’s market, I am banging out chest-thumping adjectives to give the book an eye-catching publicity campaign on a budget barely enough to buy a six-pack of beer. So I started with a QR mark with the link leading to the Amazon Japan website. But I discovered I needed to make other QR marks for different markets. Oh, what I’d give to be a Stephan King and have a publisher do all the work for me.


The author’s photo

Ah, yes, the author’s photo. There I am drinking a gin and tonic at a hotel bar in Mumbai, India. My grandson is standing behind me reading a book. Not my book, of course.  He will have to wait until he is 18 years old, or even older!

On one level, the book is aimed at people who enjoy reading about characters seeking healing in their lives. The characters all go through traumas in their earlier lives. They are wounded, Felix Gunther being the most seriously wounded.
 On another level, the book is aimed at people who like reading about characters coping with relationships both real and imagined.

Fans of psychological and metaphysical drama will find much to draw them into the story. Professionals in the field of mental health will discover that the characters are wounded individuals who could very well become patients in their practices.

Now, to take my first faltering step as an author selling his potatoes.

One major selling point of the novel, when downloaded to your Kindle, or device with the Kindle app installed, is you can enjoy reading it in the comfort of your palanquin.

from the SJC Forward, August 1929











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