Photographer Lost In China Town Yokohama

Photographer Lost In China Town Yokohama

How many years have I struggled to obtain fame, fortune, and immortality? Lord, I’d need to grow another ten fingers and ten toes. And where am I today? Ensconced in my tiny apartment and still dreaming. But taking photos adds color and variety to my life. And if someone happens to say, “Hey, I like your photos.” I am floating on air, happy as punch, and, (hmm. I’ve run out of cliches) Please, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the ambiance of a photo exhibition.

To add humor
Ferocious Lion Guarding Park
Fortune in Your Hand
Bar in China Town Packed with Memories
China Town Buildings with Character
Proprietors Inviting You into their Restaurant

My photos fail to capture the exuberance of China Town as enthusiastically as Louis Armstrong’s recording of China Town, My China Town in 1931.

Louis Armstrong - Chinatown, My Chinatown (1931)







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One Reply to “Photographer Lost In China Town Yokohama”

  1. For the last few days I have been enjoying your two Chinatown photo exhibitions. Two? Yes!
    In the first online exhibition I was matching your photos against your literary reflections over an aging writer’s existential dilemmas.
    In the second exhibition, I found myself surrounded by Louis Armstrong’s music and the same photos. And a musical argument between saxophone and trumpet made your photos looking so very differently, Kermit.
    Being myself a writer and a field photographer, I am really really looking forward for your offline expert hibition. Exhibition that could combine y/our Yokohama Chinatown’s photographic memories with a live musical argument between Japanese traditional bamboo flute and shamizen.
    Thank you for your inspiration, Kermit.
    Ignacy Marek Kaminski (aka
    Joseph Polack)

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