Hermes Out of Work

Hermes Out of Work

Hermes in the Age before Smartphones

Remember in the old days when the Greek god Hermes (the Roman god Mercury) delivered messages to different gods in the pantheon? Poor guy. He had to flit around naked with only a trumpet to announce his arrival with an important message of twenty-five words or less.

Hear that trumpet blowing? You have a message.

Can you imagine living in an age when people actually talked to one another face-to-face? I get so discouraged when I see people walking along the path at night, their faces illuminated by the light of the phones they hold in their hands.

Can’t you hear my trumpet?

No, you can’t hear the trumpet because your ears are plugged up with pods stuck deeply into your ears. Music, mindless pap, thought numbing noise keep flowing into the ears until one day you wake up and discover you are experiencing a loss of hearing.

One last blast from the trumpet falls on deaf ears.

You go to the doctor’s and she tells you, “Better learn sign language. Your hearing is completely gone.” Oh, how you wish you could hear the trumpet blowing. Hermes, discouraged, returns to the pantheon and locks himself inside his room never again to blow his trumpet.



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