A Voice Crying Out in the Desert — Statues in Yokohama Part Two

A Voice Crying Out in the Desert — Statues in Yokohama Part Two

On a warm Saturday morning, my friend Gal and I met for brunch at a Chinese restaurant in China Town. We ordered from the all-you-can-eat menu and gorged ourselves on dishes prepared in the kitchen and delivered to us by zealous servers. Thoroughly gorged, we took a walk in Yamashita Park. From various locations in the park, we caught sight of Minato Mirai 21. Unable to resist, I snapped a photo with my iPhone.

View of MM21 from the Gundam factory grounds

In addition to the flower beds, bushes, and spacious lawns, you can find the Statue of Red Shoes in an inauspicious spot.

The Little Girl with the Red Shoes

The story of the Little Girl with the Red Shoes is based on the song Red Shoes. http://ssbarnhill.com/Japan/Attractions/AkaiKutsu.htm On 

Often when I pass by the statue, I see people taking photos of the little girl sitting primly atop her pedestal. More frequently, I am amused by young junior high school girls straining to take selfies with the little girl behind them.

Gal and I decided to rest a bit after our walk, so we dropped into the Hotel New Grand across the street from the park. The historic hotel, located next to the more modern New Grand, has more appeal for me. Pictures of the famous people who stayed at the hotel hang on walls near the exit to the gardens. As I gazed at the photos, I spied a sculpture made of bread by the coffee shop. Couldn’t help myself. Out came my iPhone and snap!

Pride before the Fall

On Sunday the following day, the weather gave a preview of the Spring. I hiked from my apartment to Motomachi Street, a nearly two-hour walk. Toward the end of my journey, I walked through Yamashita Park. People had spread out blankets on the lawn to soak up the warmth of the sun. No doubt, they were like me, seeking release from the cooped-up restrictions imposed by pandemic regulations.

Jumping for Joy

I continued walking through the park until I reached the bridge connecting the park with the Doll Museum. At the entrance to the museum, I came across three musicians.

Doll Museum Concert

Continuing onward, I crossed over the French Hill Bridge on my way to Motomachi. At the entrance to French Hill Gardens, I bumped into one of my favorite statues. Aurore.

Aurore, My Love

Tired from my hike, I headed to the Motomachi Subway Station for the ride back to Yokohama Station. As I sat in the subway car, I wondered what people would think if a statue of me without my clothes stood on a pedestal instead of Aurore.



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