A Voice Crying in the Desert — A Study in Green

A Voice Crying in the Desert — A Study in Green

I’ve been going over the old photographs and videos in order to come up with a series. As I culled through them, I discovered that particular photos shared common characteristics suitable for categorizing: colors, backgrounds, portraits, and others.

The following photos I’ve grouped under the category of color — A Study in Green


Stone Lantern in a Pond

I found this lantern as I was walking through Yamashita Park on my way to the JR Kannai Train Station. What attracted me was the serenely mild green hue of the background.

Melancholy Sea

The color green exercised its influence on a number of photos. I took the Melancholy Sea photo during one of my lugubrious moments in my early 70s when I realized I was heading toward the final round-up.

Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night came to me after I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamed a person or a Being was hovering over my face. The statue portrays a peaceful scene of an innocent youth holding a bird and little realizing the evil lurking in the shadows.

Building lost in Memory

I was walking from Red Cross Hospital when I spotted a dilapidated old building. Despite its appearance I discerned its defiant resistance to cave into complete decrepitude.

Silhouettes on the Rooftop

On a dreary Thursday evening, I was wandering the streets of Yokohama and ended up on the roof of Sogo Department Store. There I found a cluster of mannequins pushed together near a fence. The position and light struck me as something ghostly.

Old Man Changing Clothes

Funny how we human toss aside the older folks. Forgotten by their children, more than a few older people live on the streets. They find solace in cardboard houses in parks and empty streets. Sad! A reminder of how neglectful we sometimes are of our fellow human beings.

Calm Reflections

On a cool spring afternoon, I walked on a bridge over a canal in Yokohama. The reflection in the water put my troubled mind at ease.

Spanish Moss over a Yokohama Neighborhood

A composite photo of Spanish moss on oak trees in Carmel California with a darkened apartment building in Yokohama created an eerie image reminiscent of scenes in atmospheric horror films of the early twentieth century.


Springtime brings with its warm weather the hope of rebirth. Flowers blossom, plants flourish and newly formed tree leaves glisten in the sunlight. The bud opened up revealing a new beginning.

Beauty among the Shadows

Beauty is found sometimes where it is least expected — in the shadows of a foyer at a major university in Tokyo.

Now for something different — a misty exhibition of photos


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