A Voice Crying in the Desert

A Voice Crying in the Desert

Sorting the photos from earlier sessions, I came across nearly forgotten shots. They evoked old memories, some dark while others held out hope for brighter expectations.

Autumn Scene
Autumn Afternoon in Yokohama

Red and yellow leaves usher in the Autumn season. The weather turns cooler and nature gives notice of a colder season to come. The nature’s red colors stand out.

Gothic Shadows in Crimson Light

You can see the influence of nature’s colors on me in many of my works.

Woman in the Void
Woman in the Void

I added layers to a painting by my brother Fred to create something phantasmagorical.

Girl smiling in the shadows

The first of a series of photos reflecting my dark moods during the period of self-imposed isolation.

Bridge over the river Styx

The Styx River!  One of the rivers we studied when studying classical Greek in the seminary.

Musician caught in medley of memories
Giraffe peering into dreams

A friend I encountered in the zoo. He smiled and I smiled back.

Saxophonist in the blue of the night
Boy in despair

The scene from a play in which my grandson appeared provided the inspiration for this work.

Two Old Friends

I worked on this layered work with a fond heart. George is the oldest, longest, dearest friend I met when I first started teaching at Saint Joseph College.

Rainbow Building demolished over time

I walked by this building several times on my walks. One day I looked across the canal and discovered the building was no longer there.

View additional photo art at https://tmpcarol.com/odds-and-ends








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