Wishes of an Old Man Looking Back — Artist

Wishes of an Old Man Looking Back — Artist

I lived in Carmel,California for many years. Carmel was known as an artist colony in the early days of the 20th century. I often walked along the streets and wandered around the many art galleries.


Today whenever I see a work of art in nature I wish I could capture its essence and the beauty. Take for example the Tiger Lily. I take photos of them, but I fail to seize hold of the essence of the flowers. The camera intrudes much like cataracts obscuring the eyes with milky white fog. No matter how much I manipulate the photos in Photoshop, the result comes off as two-dimensional and uninspiring.

Bursting forth in the sunlight.
Captivating Sight that demands attention

My brother Fred is an artist. He has an uncanny sense for color and structure, a sense which  I lack. His choice of colors breathes life into the acrylics and produces images that literally break free from the canvass. Tap on the photos to see a sampling of his works. On page 2, I had a dream in which the paintings became three dimensional objects. And page three shows a simple still life.

Another artist I admire is Wyatt Waters, a water colorist. He creates scenes with colors that seem to have minds of their own. Due to their liquid quality, he often must follow their lead in creating scenes on paper. But his works stand out. https://www.facebook.com/Wyatt-Waters-Gallery-120467578011290/


An Interview with Wyatt Waters from Kermit Carvell on Vimeo.

Oh, I wish I were an artist, then I could create colorful images and guide the capricious water colors until they produced recognizable scenes.

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