Looking Backward

Looking Backward


Forty years ago I was a school teacher at St. Joseph College in Yokohama. The school is gone now replaced by a huge block of condominiums. Gone as well are a number of my former colleagues and students who passed on oh so prematurely.  But I keep  moving forward, knowing that I, too,  will eventually be reduced to a fading memory. Unlike the statue hidden in the shadows, I appreciate the vibrancy of life flowing around me. In this blog I will create in order to announce to the global community that I exist. Not in a selfish, self-centered  manner, but in a way to demonstrate that I am part of the human race.

Looking back
Kermit looking back forty years

I suppose I should provide a curriculum vitae of my past professional and personal accomplishments. But as I have grown older, I have accepted the truth that no one cares about what you have done. It’s all about what you will do. So I will tell you what I will do in this blog site. I will offer up for your perusal my reflections, short stories and opinions. I will upload the photos and images an old man encounters as he progresses toward that tunnel that will take him to the other side. Don’t worry. This will not be a dreary journey filled with German expressionistic cinematic scenes.

Instead, I will show to the world that older generations of people are still filled with life and are eager to face each day with hope, love and determination. So get ready for a roller-coaster ride.

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