A Voice Crying in the Desert

A Voice Crying in the Desert

Ah, yes, the virus is a problem.

Shows the fear in people
The virus magnifies my fears beyond all proportions.

The Japanese government advises we avoid gathering in small and large groups. Libraries are closed. Restaurants and shopkeepers are experiencing declines in the number of customers. Musicians discover many of their venues shuttered up. Steve Gardner, an American and Blues artist, braved the elements on a blustery rainy, snowy night to travel down to Yokohama to the Antenna America. https://www.antenna-america.com/

For three hours he sang songs and plucked the guitar with theatrical pizzazz.

Stalwart customers braved the weather and the threat of contacting the COVID 19 virus. I wondered as I drank copious volumes of craft beer whether I was foolhardy to ignore government urging. Stay at home! But I put on a brave face.

To illustrate the struggle to smile
A brave face after brushing my remaining teeth.

But the following morning I woke up and nearly jumped out of my skin. Someone or something was peering through my window. Was it the virus? Or was it a figment of my imagination fueled by the fear mongering of the media?

To portray the fear affecting people
Eyes breaking through the window

To take my mind off of the threat of infectious molecules seeking hosts to multiply, I place headphones over my ears and listen to the music of my boyhood.

To indicate how I listen to music

In my prepubescent years, I had a crush on the singer Rosemary Clooney. She had a smash hit in 1954.

Yes, we are going through difficult and disturbing times. But we humans are resilient creatures. We will get through this crisis as older generations got through the crises in their lives.

To show a calming effect on me.
Something calming about the ocean
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